What size sign do I need?

There are three main factors to consider:

1) Viewing Distance

The Graphics Institute recommends that the minimum letter size should be 1” for every 10 feet of distance the sign will be seen from.

2) Available Space

In many cases, size will be dictated by available space.

3) Local Regulations

Exterior commercial sign sizes are governed by local municipal zoning regulations.

How do I get an estimate?

The best way to ensure we have all of the information necessary to do an accurate quote is to call and talk to one of our representatives. Or you can use our online estimate request form.  For permanent signs, we will want to visit you on site to take the necessary measurements and photographs of the building/location where your sign will be installed.

Do I need a building permit?

All permanent exterior signs and some temporary signs – regardless of the type or whether the sign is new or replacing an existing sign – require a building permit.  Majestic Signs will advise you what your building department regulations are and inform you if your desired sign meets those regulations or if a waiver will be required.

For a nominal fee, we can prepare all the necessary paperwork, supply the required specifications and photographs, and submit all these documents to the building department for you.

What materials should I use?

There are a number of materials that can be used for your signs.  We can help you decide what is the most appropriate material for your specific use.  We need to know size, if it will be used indoors or out, and how long it is intended to last.  Based on these and other factors, we will provide you with expert recommendations.

  • Acrylic

    A very versatile and durable, high gloss plastic.  It comes clear and in a large variety of colors.  It is used for long term internal and external signs including light boxes, wall directories, menu boards, reception wall signs, trade show graphics and much more.  Fonts and logos can be custom made to match any corporate logo.

  • Aluminum

    This is a very durable material used primarily for outdoor applications, but is suitable for indoor use also. It is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses and will not rust.

  • Alumalite Composite Panel

    A strong, aluminum composite panel with high density, corrugated polyallomer core that will not swell, wick water, corrode, rot or delaminate due to prolonged water exposure. Lightweight and very ridged.

  • Vinyl Banners

    Heavy duty vinyl banners are durable, weather resistant and come completely finished with hems, and grommets. They are available in a variety of colors, single- or double-sided and can be made in any size. Perfect for street banners or any other use.

  • CororplastTM Corrugated Plastic

    This is a great material to use for short term indoor or outdoor uses. It comes in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes, and is a cost effective material. Works well for hanging window signs, lawn signs and many other applications. Completely waterproof.

  • PVC

    A rigid foam sheet which is produced with a fine cell matte surface. Lightweight, but sturdy and can be used for a variety of indoor and short term outdoor uses. Available in different thickness, colors and can be made to any custom shape. In 3/8” or greater thickness, this is a good material for carved signs.

  • HDU (High-density Urethane)

    A rigid high density foam material that will not warp split or crack.  100% waterproof, will not rot or decompose and is highly chemically resistant. Excellent for routed, or carved signs.

  • Dibond® Composite Panel

    A lightweight and extremely flat aluminum composite panel that is 2 sheets of .012 aluminum compressed to a thermoplastic core. Available in a variety of colors. This material is ink and vinyl receptive. The typical applications of Dibond® are point-of-purchase displays, freestanding displays, street and highway signs, exhibit booths, OEM industrial applications, routed sign faces, stage sets, sign blanks, photo mounting, cutout letters, store decorations. Provides excellent durability in outdoor applications.

  • Magnetic

    Magnetic signs are flexible, easy to remove and generally used on vehicles or steel signs. This is the product to be used if you want to advertise on your vehicle but don’t want it permanently attached.

  • Gator Board and Foam Core

    Gator Board is the perfect material for mounting graphics and photo’s. It is warp resistant and is available in black or white. Good for meeting presentations and posters.

    Foam Core is a graphic arts board made of a foam center between two liners. Very lightweight and cost effective, but can warp and is suitable for indoor use only. Suitable for indoor use only.